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Seminole Co. considers pandemic plans

October 10, 2006

Donalsonville-  The Southwest Georgia Health District's effort to prepare 14-south Georgia counties for a potential flu pandemic is almost complete.  

Tuesday in Seminole County,  Health officials talked with businesses, community organizations, and local law enforcers.  They want the Community to develop a business continuity plan in the event of a pandemic. 

"If a pandemic occurs how is it that they will do business differently, social distancing will be the item of the day as well as hand washing as well as absenteeism, so we're making sure that businesses realize in a pandemic 40 to 44 percent or their work force could be out," said Julie Miller, Emergency Preparedness Director. 

Julie Miller says if a pandemic were to occur, people would need to keep their distance from each other to stay healthy.  That means social events, football games, even church services might have to be canceled. Four cases of influenza have already been confirmed this year in Seminole County.



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