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New policy could reduce school system jobs

October 9, 2006

Albany--  Some Dougherty County employees could lose their jobs.  A new Dougherty County school policy may reduce unneccessary personnel from the system's payroll.

School board members approved a Reduction in Force policy.  The policy will allow the Board of Education to get rid of or downgrade certain positions. It would also allow them to reduce the number of employees in the school system based on anything from a decrease in student enrollment to lack of funding for certain programs or services.

Another reason for a reduction in force would be to make sure all current school personnel is actually needed.  As it stands now, some positions could be eliminated soon under the new policy.

"There will not be a real reduction but I expect that the  top heavy jobs will be looked as to whether or not the people are actually making money for the job they're doing and whether the people who are performing jobs for a long time are still productive. If not, then I expect there will be some cuts," says School Board Chairman Willie Weaver.

The superintendent will now develop a plan for reduction in force. It will take into consideration the effectiveness and job performance of employees before a termination or elimination is final.



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