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New poll finds issues of voter importance

October 8, 2006

Albany -- A new poll says the most important issue to Georgia voters in this year's governors race is public safety.

This year's race is between Republican Governor Sonny Perdue, Lieutenent Governor Mark Taylor, and Libertarian candidate Garrett Hayes.

The poll by the Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Group found the key issues concerning voters include taxes, health care, illegal immigration, and the environment.

Local voters say they'll vote for the candidate who supports what they believe are important issues in this region, such as employment.

"Those of us that graduated high school, I graduated from Lee County, went off to college, we found jobs in Atlanta and places like that. For the few of us that came back, there's not much out there," said Trent Tye.

 "Traffic here in Albany is getting really bad, a lot of people running red lights constantly, not stopping at stop signs, just driving erractically," said Chris Gimenez.

Voters in Albany say public safety issues such as traffic problems, are a key issue that needs attention in this region.

One thing the poll found is that voters are not very concerned about the Republican-backed push to show photo IDs at the polls.


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