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October 8, 2006

Fort Gaines -- Winning back-to-back national championships isn't easy.

Accomplishing the feat at a two year school is even more impressive due to the rapid turnover rate.

The Darton College golf team has won the last two national titles, but the sophomores that helped pave the way have moved on.

The Cavaliers welcome in seven freshmen to this years team, and will be relying heavily on the leadership of sophomore Bill Jones.

Jones says the Cavalier golf team is a lot different this year.

"It's as much of a 180 as I would have ever expected, going from the #6 man to the #1 man" says Jones.

Head coach Dale Dover says, "Bill was our sixth player most of last year. He got better and better as the year went along, and I would have been very comfortable with Bill playing in one of the top-five spots by the time we got to nationals last year."

Dover says it was Jones steady improvement and ability to lead that led to Jones being named Darton's first captain in two years.

"He's a 4.0 student. He's got character. He's got good leadership qualities, and I felt we needed that individual leadership out of him," says Dover.

Jones says, "Of course I was going to do it. It's a pretty big honor, and from what I see we can defiantly use one."

The sophomore is hoping leading by example will help inspire the new players.

"Hopefully some of the players will feed off my good play, and a couple of them will put a stomping on me in some tournament," Jones said with a smile.

Dover added, "I know when he goes out, he's going to give me his best effort, and he's going to stay focused."

Jones' expectations remain high for the upcoming season.

"By the end of the year, we'll have just as good, if not a better team than we did last year."

The Darton golf team won the Hurricane Classic last weekend in Americus, and are playing in the Andrew College tournament today and tomorrow in Fort Gaines.


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