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Albany man dies when car leaves road

October 6, 2006

Albany -- A 70-year-old Albany man died this afternoon after his Chevy SUV veered off a road and flipped several times.

James Robert Taylor of Gillionville Road was pronouced dead at the scene a little before 5 o'clock.

Taylor was traveling on Old Dawson Road near Byron Plantation Road.

Investigators say the vehicle ran off the road, traveled 520 feet, rolled through this field, stopping on the other side of a row of hedges hedges.

Jennifer Jones was driving right behind Taylor and saw him swerving off the road.

"When I saw him take that turn and it was so fast and there was just so much dirt kicking up I thought this isn't good," said Jennifer Jones.

Dougherty County Police aren't sure what caused the crash, but they say Taylor was taking several medications for health problems.



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