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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 6, 2006

Albany -- Four recent domestic violence deaths have the Liberty House calling for more awareness of the problem.  

In three weeks during May and June, two men and two women were killed in Albany, including Dougherty County Jailer Tasha George who was shot outside her home. Her former boyfriend was arrested.

In the other three cases, authorities blame a wife, a girlfriend, and a son.

The Liberty House Shelter for domestic violence victims has been full for the last three weeks. Some victims have even been turned away.  

"We provide awareness and education in the community, but I think when people start to get lackadaisical about that issue that this isn't going to happen here or we don't have this type of problem then we're going to see a rise in," said Liberty House Executive Director Silke Deeley.  

Ribbons are being made to raise awareness. An awareness display will go up next weekend at the Albany Mall, and a candlelight vigil will be held later this month.

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