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GSP gets tough on traffic violators

October 5, 2006

Albany -- The state is offering parents a new way to check up on their teenage drivers.

The Teen Driver Parental Notification program allows the State Patrol to mail a letter to parents if their child is stopped for a traffic violation.

The letter informs parents when and why the teenager was stopped, and whether a citation was issued.

Some drivers tell us they think it's a good way to make parents aware of something their kids might try to hide.

"I was a kid once, you don't want to tell your parents something like that," said Marvin James.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says motor vehichle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens.

More than 3,600 teens between ages 15-20 died in car crashes in 2003. That is 14% of all drivers in fatal crashes.

Twenty-five percent of teenage drivers nationwide killed in car crashes in 2003 had a blood alcohol level that qualified them for drunk driving. That means their BAC was .08 or more. Georgia drivers under 21-years-old will be charged with DUI with a BAC of .02 or greater.



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