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State sells airport confiscations

October 3, 2006

Americus -- Tighter airport security means more intense searches and lots of confiscations. Everything from knives, to corkscrews, to scissors, even chainsaws are seized at airport checkpoints.

And you know once they take it, you don't get it back. So what happens to all that stuff? Well now it's being sold to the public, and one of the surplus stores is right here in South Georgia.

One man's foolishness has turned into opportunity for those like Nathan Thompson who drove from Thomasville to Americus to check out the items discarded at the security checkpoints of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  

"Looked like an opportunity and I like knives. I like to collect some and give some to my son and grandsons," Thompson said.

Scissors, corkscrews, knives are all for sale in Americus at the Georgia Surplus Property Division. "This is items taken everyday from passengers trying to board commercial flights," said Surplus Property Division Manager Gary Parker.  

It's easy to understand why people had some of them, like a small pair of scissors or a money clip that might have a blade on it, but other items are harder to understand. Like a number of steel spikes we found, a small butcher knife, or a large butcher knife.

Nw these items are all for sale. "Even at the Atlanta Center yesterday we had a chain saw and a circular saw that somebody tried to take on board an airplane," said Parker.

 You can get a good deal, most items are less than five dollars.  "A good LeatherMan is forty and some of them are even more, like this one is unique it's got a little flashlight in it. Just trying to give the public an opportunity to buy items at a good deal."

Of the dozens who shopped, many said it was worth the trip. "Oh yeah, sure I think so, I'm collecting up what I can," Thompson said. With new shipments coming in every month, many expect to be back for better deals.

The Americus store is on the South Georgia Technical College Campus. It's open from 8:30 to 4:00 Monday through Friday and until seven on Thursday.

You can call the store at 229-931-2407. And they have a website.



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