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Level of Lake Chehaw going down

October 2, 2006

Albany -- You may notice the water level in Lake Chehaw dropping during the next month. Georgia Power started their Fall Draw down Monday, letting more water pass through the Albany Dam to lower the lake.

Georgia Power officials say they will lower the level of the Lake about one and a half feet per day, and that by Friday it should be at it's lowest point. They draw down the water level every two years for the homeowners who live by the lake.

 Plant Mitchell Plant Manager Ronnie Walston said "We like to provide the residents around the property opportunity to do routine maintenance on their structures, every two years. "

 Georgia Power will also do routine maintenance on the dam and power house. The water level will be kept low for about one month.

 It is scheduled to be back at full pool by November 10th.

Georgia Power officials want to remind homeowners along their shoreline that plans for construction must be submitted for approval.

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