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Police break up fight and are jumped

October 1, 2006

Albany - - Two Albany brothers are in jail tonight after police say they tried to beat them up this morning.

It happened around 2:00 this morning. Albany Police officers say they went to the Royal Inn hotel after hearing about a fight.

They say they noticed a crowd of people hanging around outside and saw what appeared to be a minor in the middle of the street.

Officers say they asked him to leave but then he began cursing at the officers. They say Dexter Burns then called his older brother saying he was being harassed by the cops.

Shortly after they say John Burns showed up and chaotically questioned the cops. Officers say they arrested the older brother for disorderly conduct and that's when they say the younger brother then jumped on the cops.

They are charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer and simple battery. The Burns family says it's the other way around and feels the officers were harassing them.

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