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Soap star greets Albany fans

September 30, 2006

Albany -- A "Days of our Lives" star leaves the soap world to give some South Georgia fans something to smile about.

Brody Hutzler plays Patrick Lockhart on the NBC daytime soap. He paid a visit to Turner's Furniture store to sign autographs and pose for pictures with some fans.

Mediacom's OnMedia brought the big star to town to promote their partnership with SoapNet, the channel that airs soap operas after they air on the networks.

Hutzler says fans can expect lots of things to happen soon on "Days of our Lives.""I don't know what I can say I don't want to get in trouble, Patrick gets out of jail. That's all I'm going to tell you," said Brody Hutzler.

"The whole time he's been signing autographs he's been drinking lots of fluids, and I asked one of the women here 'What are you doing with these bottles here? 'Can I keep one?' and he walked over to me and he's like here, just take it, so I got this," said fan Crystal Terry. Up to 500 fans came out to meet Hutzler.

Some drove from as far as two hours away and stood in line for three hours to meet the NBC soap star.



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