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Walk to raise money for Alzheimer

September 30, 2006

Albany -- Hundreds of people took steps to raise money for alzheimers disease.

It was the annual Memory Walk at Darton College, an event to raise money for the Alzheimers Association.

It also raises awareness of warning signs of the disease such as personality changes, misplacing items, and loss of initiative.

Businesses, groups, and individuals spent the last few weeks raising money to fight the disease.

Some who came say it's an honor to walk for loved ones who suffer from alzheimers.

"If you don't somebody who has alzheimers, you know somebody who does have a loved one with alzheimers, and this is a disease that will eventually kill someone and before they die it will steal the person's personality, and it's just a really hard disease," said Anna-Marie Gregory.

The Alzheimers Association fell a little less than $2,000 short of this year's goal of $70,000. But they'll continue to collect donations until November 15th.

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