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Movie goers react to "Facing the Giants"

September 29, 2006

Albany--It may be the most anticipated film of the year, at least here in south Georgia. Today, "Facing the Giants" hit theaters all over the country.

Members of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany wrote, directed, shot, and produced the film.

It's a movie about giving it your all, even when times are hard.  It's that theme, that's attracting movie goers from all over to see "Facing the Giants."

"I thought it was excellent, and a good opportunity to give the message about God and his ability to strengthen people," says  Maureen Doyle.

"It's a great film, awesome message, I wish I would have bought a box of Kleenexes," says Robbie Hopkins.

The Christian-themed movie tells the story of God's role with a high school football team.

"You had a failing a team, and a failing coach who had, all of them had problems in their lives," says Doyle.

They eventually turn those problems over to God. The movie makes its message quite clear.

"Through God you can overcome anything," says Pam Hamilton.  She enjoyed the movie, but isn't sure whether other movie goers will feel the same way.

"There's a lot of Christianity themes running in there, and I don't know how prepared the public is for that," says Hamilton.

Even if you're not a sports fan, movie goers say it's a film worth seeing by everyone.

"I think anybody that goes to see it will feel rewarded and touched," says Doyle.

"It really shared the gospel in an awesome way, and I think it'll reach a lot of people," says Hopkins.

In hopes of inspiring others to believe that anything is possible, with a little faith.

Starting October 1st, Sherwood Baptist will hold Bible discussions based on the movie. Each week for eight weeks, the church will show a different clip from the movie and discuss the scriptural lesson taught in the film.

Actors from the movie will also participate in the discussions.



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