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Dow Jones still close to high

September 29, 2006

Albany--  The Dow Jones Industrial Average has capped off it's best third quarter performance in nine years.

Friday's session saw the Dow again move above it's all time closing high in intra-day trading, but again it fell short by the end of today's trading closing at eleven-thousand six-hundred seventy nine. That close is forty-three points below the record close of eleven-thousand seven-hundred and twenty-two set back in January of two-thousand.

Investment advisors say lower gas prices, a strong economy and the Federal Reserve remaining neutral on intrest rates have resulted in the Dow's record quarterly move and with these factors in place investors should continue to see more up-side potential.  "And so simply looking at a historical basis the point in which the fed starts raising rates, usually causes big blue chip stocks to do well. And that is exactly what has happend so far this year" said Vic Sullivan with A.G. Edwards investments.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed third quarter trading today with a return of 4.74 percent. 

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