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Thomas Co. duo kidnaps, purse snatches, and leads police on chase

September 28, 2006

Thomas Co.-  A Thomas County woman and man are charged with kidnapping, robbery, theft, and assault of a police officer over a five day crime spree. The two stole a car, kidnapped a three-year-old, snatched purses from five women, including an 89-year-old, and then led police on a chase through two counties. 

Mary Parker stopped by this trailer park on Sanford Road Saturday to pick up clothes for Lawanda Larry's children. Larry and her boyfriend, Andre Stewart, crawled out a window and stole Parker's SUV.

"Ms. Larry and her boyfriend, Mr. Stewart, stole a 2003 Envoy. The child was in the back of the car," said Tim Watkins, Thomas Co. Sheriff's Investigator.

It was several miles along Sanford Road that Larry stopped the car and put out three-year-old D'Marion Hunter. They told him to run to a nearby house for help, that's when the two began their four-day purse snatching spree.

"Mr. Stewart admitted to participating in five purse snatchings total, two in Cairo, two here in Thomasville," said Watkins.  

"The purse snatching that was at Harvey's, the lady they snatched the purse from was 89-years-old so the fines and penalties are stiffer," said Sgt. Ricky Singletary, Thomasville Police.

The two also snatched a purse at Walmart in Thomasville and two at the Walmart in Cairo. A Thomasville Police officer spotted the car late Wednesday afternoon in the Gateway Plaza, that's when the chase began. The two fled east on Highway 122.

"There's always dangerous situations when you get into a pursuit, but it was limited because it was on Highway 122 which is a low traffic road," said Watkins.

The chase ended a short time later in Brooks County. The rear bumper and side of an unmarked Thomas County Sheriff's cruiser were damaged when the stolen Envoy crashed into the blockade.

It's not over for both Larry and Stewart who will face at least six felonies, including robbery, theft, kidnapping, and aggravated assault on a police officer.

Both Larry and Stewart are being held in the Thomas County Jail. They were denied bond. Both will likely face charges in Leon County, Florida, where the fifth robbery occurred.



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