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Police give advice to deter burglars

September 28, 2006

Albany -- Burglars have broken into and looted dozens of Northwest Albany stores in recent months. More business owners are calling the Albany Police to check out their stores, and provide suggestions on ways to better protect themselves against thieves.

 "That's an added protection. Anything you can put here that's going to slow a person down." Lt. Kenn Singleton checks the burglar bar system at Friedman's Clothing. Owner Bruce Bitterman called Albany Police after a number of businesses in his neighborhood were broken into. Bitterman said "I've been in business 30-some odd years and I never even thought of certain things he has suggested."

 Lt. Kenn Singleton is a certified crime prevention specialist, who studied Bitterman's store and suggested ways to better protect it. Singleton said "Anything that the owners can do to better secure their places of business, we're hoping that will deter persons from committing these types of crimes."

The crime fighting tips are simple. Better lights on the outside and the parking lot, cut back the bushes so no one can hide behind them, better locks and burglar bars, security alarm systems and neighborhood watch programs. Lt. Singleton said "We have had an increase of the public giving us a call, and we appreciate the businesses calling us to come out and do these types of surveys for them."

 Lt. Singleton said Bitterman's store was well protected, but gave him a few new ideas for improvement. Bitterman said "Absolutely. I've got a list of them here and we will implement all of them."

The Albany Police will give any business or home a crime survey, to suggest ways to better protect against burglars and break-ins. To arrange an appointment, call the Albany Police at 431-2100.

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