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South Georgia College hosts WALB

September 28, 2006

Douglas --   The school has an enrollment of nearly 1,500 and just celebrated its 100th birthday.

South Georgia College also just launched an exciting new program called "Plant Their Feet." It's a partnership with public schools to lower the high school dropout rate and encourage more students to enroll in college.

They're teaming up with 64 Fifth graders from West Green school. The kids will visit the South Georgia campus seveal times a year, and have some fun, like canoe rides and studying what's in the pond water through microscopes.

"The whole purpose is to get them to realize that college is a fun place to be, where you can learn things but also have just a delightful time," said College President Dr. Torri Lilly. "And we're hopeful that as they go through the year, and they come to see us and we go to see them, they will always think of college as the place they know they are eventually going to go."

The college will follow data of the 64 students right up through high school graduation to see how many of them will actually go to college.

And some of the students, who enroll here, wil actually be eligible for scholarships.


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