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Douglas paper dates to the 1880's

September 28, 2006

Douglas --  For 118 years, The Douglas Enterprise has brought news and sports to this South Georgia community.   The Enterprise is the oldest business in Coffee County, and the pages in their library tell lots of stories.    

Established in 1888, The Douglas Enterprise has been through several owners and lots of technological changes, but one thing that hasn't changed. "The basic concept with us is still one on one face to face with our advertisers, with the people who write the stories and with the people who are making the news," says Marketing Director Cathy Threatt. 

And they turn out the news twice a week with Sunday and Wednesday editions. "A newspaper is an integral thing from news to advertisement to entertainment stuff, from people wanting their birth announcements in the paper, their wedding announcements," Threatt says.

And Coffee Countians love their sports. "We stay up late on Friday nights putting the paper together, so they won't have to wait until the mid-week edition to find out about the football scores," said Sports Editor Walter Jardine.

On the outskirts of town, about 20 people work to put out the Enterprise. It's mailed to subscribers, who get their mid-week paper on Wednesday morning and the Sunday paper on Saturday.  "We can't get the post office to deliver on Sunday. Haven't been able to master that one, yet,"  said Threatt.  

In the middle of the building, you'll find a library rich in Coffee County history.   "This is a copy of an ad that Dewey Hayes ran when running for office back in '56, and he won the race, by the way."

And just a few feet away, the doors that lead to the Enterprise's modern double-web printing press.  "You create the negative and then it comes over into this area and it will come from a negative back to a positive, which is going to be on the metal. So you're dealing with technical stuff," said Threatt. "After it comes off of that, then these metal plates roll onto these rollers here, and as you can see, they're still part of a paper that was printed, this was the Wednesday edition."

And yep, just like in the movies, from time to time, breaking news interrupts this process.... "We called the publisher, she said 'Alright what's the details?' And then she said 'Okay, it's worthy. Stop the press.' And we re-did the front page and put it in."

Otherwise, it's smooth sailing, er, printing. "Okay, so this paper is literally hot off the press?" we asked.


"I've always wanted to say that. 'I have a paper that's hot off the press.' Except, it's not that hot. It came off yesterday, right?"

"'Actually, it came off Tuesday night. So it's lukewarm!'"  

It's this never-ending process that puts the Douglas Enterprise in the hands of about 25,000 people a week.   The Douglas Enterprise also publishes a free shopper called the Bonus and they print papers for other towns including Tifton's TiftArea Shopper.  


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