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See you at the pole!

September 27, 2006

Albany-- Hundreds of Dougherty and Lee County students spent the day in prayer.  Some of that praise spilled over into the night.

Nationwide, students participated in "See You at the Pole." It's a program of public prayer that started 15 years ago in Texas. Students join together in the early morning at their school's flag pole. They pray for their schools, families, teachers and friends.

Tonight several area churches decided to come together and hold a "Saw You at the Pole" rally with lots of music and praise.

"A lot of times we get complacent about God and remembering to pray and stuff so I think this is a good time to remind us," says 16-year-old Lauren Fenner.

"See you at the pole kind of helps put God back in schools a little bit because with separation of church and state, it's hard for God to have a presence on campus," says Byne Memorial Youth Pastor Stephen O'Neal.

Youth came from several churches including Byne Memorial, Sherwood and First Baptist for tonight's rally.  



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