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Organic co-op serves healthy foods

September 27, 2006

Albany -- Be green. It's a phrase that's been used by environmentalists who are concerned about keeping the earth healthy.

Now, it's also a store in Albany, where certified organic food and products are sold to keep you healthy and the environment in check.

Organic. For some it's a foreign word, but the meaning is basically to keep foreign items out of food.

"It's the lack of the other stuff that's important." said Bee-Green Owner  Kristen Taylor. "There's no pesticides. It's not grown with pesticides, which we feel is damaging to your body. Pesticides were designed to kill things, so we just like to keep that out of our bodies."

Now, there's a place just for organic food in Albany. It's called Bee-Green. "It's a safer, healthier way to add fuels to our bodies and just take care of ourselves," said  customer Anna DeMott.  

Kristen Taylor started the organic co-op by accident. She was interested in ordering for herself and a few friends, but lots of other people were interested as well.  

"Oh, I'm excited yes. It's great to know it's available," says Customer Linda Tolman. People like Tolman who knows how good organic food is for her health. "People are finding that they have health problems that they can solve through eating properly."

And although the food is more expensive, Taylor says it's worth it. "I believe you pay now or you pay later. Your health is worth it, and lack of health is very expensive."

Health, an expense none of us want to pay for.  

Soon Bee green will carry bulk items like dried beans, instead of fresh produce. They may also add certified organic meats to the stock.

Bee Green is located on Westover Boulevard in Albany next to Tony's Gym. The market is open Tuesday through Thursday 11 to 6:00. Become a member of the coop for $25 a year, and get 15% of all food in the store.



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