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Thomasville Superintendent schools business owners

September 27, 2006

Thomasville-  The Thomasville City Schools Superintendent taught local businesses a thing or two about education.  Superintendent Sabrina Everett spoke before the Business Action Council addressing topics from why the city and county schools shouldn't consolidate to the city schools new Scholars Academy.

Everett told business owners they could help the schools by lobbying legislators to change the way the state allocates funding and to be more cautious to the damage Freeport Exemption may cause districts. 

"Educating the legislators that when a decision is made about any exemption to understand how that impacts the schools and then to adjust accordingly," said Sabrina Everett, Thomasville Schools Superintendent. 

Freeport Exemptions have cost the city schools nearly 700-thousand dollars in revenue. Everett also spoke about school expansion plans which include adding more classrooms at the elementary schools.