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Albany movie making national news

September 27, 2006

Albany -- An Albany church's movie makes it debut Friday in 150 cities across the nation.

"Facing the Giants" was made by church volunteers in Spring 2004. Sony Pictures liked the small budget film about a coach's struggle leading a Christian football team so much, they are opening it on 441 screens in 150 cities Friday.  Sherwood Associate Pastor Alex Kendrick said "We are excited about what God has done with it. Hopefully it will change a lot of life's and inspire a lot of people."

 Associate Pastor Alex Kendrick co-wrote, produced, and stars in the movie.   Kendrick has a five page long list of interviews with national media wanting to talk about the movie. The film first made national news in July, when the Motion Picture Association of America rated it PG, because of it's religious content.

This week church leaders are again appearing on dozens of national news shows talking about the movie with a Christian message, and they are expecting a huge response. Kendrick said "we sold somewhere over 50-thousand tickets nationwide already before the movie comes out, through Fandango and things like that. That's a pretty good indication that people are interested in seeing it."

Tracy Goode plays an assistant coach in the film, and says the response is a little overwhelming. Tracy Goode said "I don't think any of us really envisioned how big it would get, or what God's idea was for it."

Kendrick said "We are taking ministry in the form of a movie to where the people are. So if they walk out of the theatre wanting a closer walk with God, that's what we hope for."

 Goode said "I hope that when people leave the theatre they are entertained and maybe challenged and inspired to look and see what giants might be in their life's."

The buildup for the film seems to be growing. Their web site  had to be updated Tuesday.  Kendrick said "yesterday it crashed because they had one point one million requests from that sight, people going to that sight."

Many of the Sherwood film stars are in Los Angeles for the debut there, and Kendrick and others will be at Albany's theatre Friday night.

Sony Pictures spokespersons say if the first two week's ticket sales are good, they will expand the film's distribution.

Alex Kendrick says if Sherwood Baptist Church makes any profit from the film, part of the money will be used to produce another film, which begins production next spring.


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