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Program provides shoes that fit

September 26, 2006

Albany-- A special program in Dougherty County works to help children in need fit in a little better at school.

Shoes That Fit provides Dougherty County elementary students with much needed clothing and shoes. Donors pick up cards at locations throughout Albany and shop for items on the list. Those items can be anything from new shirts and jeans to school uniforms.

The children are identified by their teachers and their names are submitted to OnMedia or Mediacom. Some children go to school with little clothing or shoes that they've long outgrown.  

"There have been cases with children when their shoes are so small, their toes are curled under and it causes them a lot of pain during the day and they just can't learn when they're distracted with pain and not only that, it's their self-image," says Sherry Foyt of OnMedia.

Shoes That Fit started in Dougherty County five years ago. They filled 300 requests the first year. Now there are more than 1000 requests for help. 

There are several places to pick up a donor card.  The locations are John Ross Jewelers, Flint Office Furniture, Railway Freight JoAnne Hawkins Agency, Albany Spine, Holly House Furniture, The Shoe Box and Make Room for Baby.    



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