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What election chief calls mistake, NAACP calls discrimination

September 26, 2006

Terrell County - Confusion over voting districts in Terrell County leads to charges of discrimination. Rudolph Oliver has voted in Ward one in Dawson since 2004, when redistricting took place.

He most recently voted there in the July primary. This year, he decided to run for city council. Five days after qualifying, he was informed that he could not run in Ward One, because he actually lives in Ward Two.

Now the NAACP wants the Secretary of State's office to investigate and figure out what went wrong. Edward O. DuBose, GA NAACP Conference President, says  "We're looking at the pattern of Dawson, Georgia. The pattern of how African American candidates have been excluded from races."

Oliver says, "The other residents on my street, they have the same voter registration card that I received that has them in ward one and have voted in Ward one. There's a problem somewhere and it needs to be fixed."

Elections supervisor Pat Yost says Oliver is registered to vote in Ward One, but that was a mistake. She held a hearing Tuesday morning and within seven days plans to make a decision on whether Oliver is allowed to run in Ward One.

An investigator with the Secretary of State's office is also looking into the irregularities.

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