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Water Fest 2006

September 26, 2006

Terrell County - 75% of the earth is covered with water. It regulates your body temperature and helps grow the food we eat. Most of us don't really think about water though, until we need it, but what if we ran out? Some fifth graders are learning the importance of having water and keeping it clean.

When you think of having fun with water, maybe you think of a water park, water sport or water balloon fight, but a science project?  Apparently, that can be fun too, and very educational. Jimarah McCoy learned just how useful water is.  She says, "Drinking and sometimes we use it for washing dishes and clothes and taking baths."

And she learned if we run out, boy are we in trouble. What happens when we use it all? "There isn't no more."

Othellious Cato wouldn't want to put the water supply in jeopardy either. Othellious says, "Many of the things we do affects our environment and destroys our rivers and it also poisons our drinking water." He soaked up information like a sponge. "I also learned how weather is formed and how you can tell what a tornado is from a funnel cloud." And he really liked learning about weather from a weather expert.  He says, "I got to meet Yolanda Amadeo.  She taught us a lot about the weather."

Othellious is going to conserve more water, but the first thing he planned to do after he got home today? "Drink some water." Because he knows just how good it can be to us, if we're good to it.

About 1,000 students will attend the water festival this week at Hooks Hanner resource center in Dawson.

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