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Weekend shooting concerns Moultrie residents

September 24, 2006

Moultrie -- Moultrie police are investigating a weekend shooting that sent three people to the hospital. Neighbors in the southwest area say that a block party celebrating the Colquitt County High School football team's win, turned bad.

The shooting concerns neighbors in Moultrie.

Police responded to the incident in the 700 block of Third Avenue Southwest around one a-m Saturday, while the victory party was still going on. Sgt. Roger Lindsay says three Moultrie residents were shot and taken to the hospital. All three have since been released.

Neighbors say there's not a lot of crime on their street so now they feel concerned for their safety.

Neighbors say most days along Third Avenue Southwest in Moultrie are like today.

But after the weekend shooting at a football game victory party, some residents are left concerned for their safety and that of others.

"For instance, we walking down to the park, we innocent bystanders. Somebody might be shooting, we don't know that. They might run past us and then they try to hit them with the bullet and we get hit with the bullet," said Kristie Mckelvary.

Kristie McKelvary says crimes like the shootings should not be happening in this neighborhood.

Moultrie police say they have three names of potential suspects, who may have come to the party at this house and fired shots with a semi-automatic weapon. But there are no arrest warrants yet. Police say they plan to question these people later this week.

It makes neighbors like Kristie McKelvary feel better about the situation, but still concerned for younger people who live here.

"I'm scared for the little kids like this here because they don't know," said McKelvary.

McKelvary has two children of her own, and she just wants these streets safer for them and other children.

"Kids, this youngin right here they don't need to go through stuff like this, not at a young age, not in their lives because it's very hard for them. And me I want to have a Boys and Girls Club to keep them from around stuff like this," said McKelvary.

Concerned neighbors like McKelvary want to make their streets safer, so no shootings happen in the future.

Neighbors who live in the southwest area say usually feel very very safe living there and neighbors do look out for one another.

Police have some leads on this case, but no word on if this shooting is gang related.

Anyone with information on the shooting should call Moultrie police at 229-890-5500.

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