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Recycling saves money

September 23, 2006

Albany -- Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful helped some people get rid of old junk today. It could help reduce landfill toxins.

It was free electronic recycling day at the Civic Center. Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful took in piles of old computer monitors, TV sets, and other electronics for recycling.

Electronics can make up to five percent of landfill volume, but contribute up to 70-percent of toxins there. The group urges everyone to properly dispose of old electronic items.

"We want to keep it out of our landfill, anything we can do to help the landfill so we can have a lot more years of usage of the landfill, and by doing this we're keeping those things out and allowing more room," said Deidra Langstaff.

Recycling electronics also helps to keep landfill usage fees down. The outdated items will be taken to Atlanta for recycling.