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Bainbridge store gets Mega check

September 22, 2006

Bainbridge-  The owners of a Bainbridge convenience store became $25,000 richer Friday thanks to their lucky lottery machine.  The Stop N Buy in Bainbridge sold last week's 163-million dollar winning Mega Millions ticket. 

Owners Mike, Peter, and Andy Patel were rewarded Friday with their own $25,000 check.  They plan to put the money back into the store and expand the counter. The win also doubled their lottery sales. 

"I see the people keep coming. Once they know their store is a winner, like you saw a few minutes ago, people are starting to buy Mega Millions from here, so I hope we're going to pick up a lot of business," said Andy Patel, Stop N Buy Co-owner. 

Store owners receive five cents on every lottery dollar they sell.  The winner Ben Chason was asked to be at Friday's presentation but declined.



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