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Dateline features south Georgia predators

September 22, 2006

Bainbridge-  South Georgia men will again appear on national TV Friday night in an Internet child sex sting.

"It puts a black mark on any community when you have a sex offender from your community, but unfortunately every community has these sexual offenders," said Sheriff Wiley Griffin, of Decatur County. 

People in Decatur County are still shocked by last week's Dateline sting that caught a Bainbridge man. 

Twenty four year old Reymundo Anguiano of Albany and 31 year old Jacob Cason of Nashville, 35 year old Marvin Harrison Smith of Tifton and 25 year old John Daniels, of Bainbridge were arrested in July in Harris County, Georgia. Smith and Daniels arrests were shown on Dateline last week.  Anguiano and Cason will be on September 22nd.  Daniels, who's out of jail on bond is a cabinet shop employee in Bainbridge. If he's convicted, he'll be classified in one of three categories.

"They classify them in three different levels, level one is a low offense, re-offending, then you've got level two which is a possible could, and then you've got dangerous, sexual predator, who they wear the ankle monitors," said Det. Liz Croley, Decatur County Sheriff's office. 

Whether it's a sexual offender or predator the Sheriff's office considers them all dangerous. Detectives check up with each of the county's 51 offenders at least every six month. 

Friday on Dateline NBC at nine o'clock, you'll see the men from Albany and Nashville, Georgia get busted.      



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