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Students will take food from school

September 22, 2006

Albany --  To fight kids' hunger when they are away from school, the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia is starting a new program to send food home in students' backpacks.

Even with school breakfast and lunches, Food Bank Executive Director Dwayne Miles says hunger is a problem for students in Albany. "In the state of Georgia one of out of every six children are at risk of going hungry each month, so it's a problem. So we need to focus on our youth and make sure that these kids are getting the proper nutrition, so that they can excel in school. "

The Food Bank will give elementary school students in need a back pack loaded with about five dollars worth of food items, none of which will require any cooking. The items will include: juice, food bars, milk, apple sauce, and Jello.

The new Back Pack Food Program will start in early October with students at Alice Coachman and Turner Elementary Schools, serving about 400 students, and then expand where needed.   



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