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Families take advantage of food give-away

September 21, 2006

Albany -- No matter your income, you've probably felt a twinge of pain when checking out at the grocery store. Food, like everything else these days is expensive, and for those on low or fixed incomes, it can sometimes feel out of reach.    

"I'm in need of food for my family. I'm a single parent and I've got four kids." Sarah Ellis isn't too proud to admit she needs help. "It's hard on me at times. I've been a single parent for three years. It's hard at times for me, but I get by with the good lord, and it's good to get help at times when you need it."

That help today, came from Government surplus food, distributed by the community action council at the Albany Civic Center. Comm. Outreach Associate Danny says, "When the state has a surplus of commodities, they will come in, as long as they can prove that they're eligible and show proof of residence, they get a big bag of groceries."

Groceries that will help Sarah and hundreds of others feed their families. "It's been a constant flow of traffic, just 'Hi, hello' to everyone," said Sheridin Shedrick, a Turner Job Corps Student Advisor.

Volunteers from Turner Job Corps packed the bags of food. "You never know when you might be in that same situation or when I'm going to be in that situation, so I'm just happy to see that there's an organization such as this that's out here helping everyone" said Shedrick.  

For the people who showed up earlier today, there was a lot of food to take home, vegetables, canned fruit, even some boxed milk, but as the day goes on, the food runs out, to all they're down to, is just peaches, but whatever little bit they can take home helps to put food on the table.

"It makes me feel good that my kids will be able to eat, they won't starve, and they can get up the next morning and eat another meal," Johnson said.  

 There was no charge for the food, those picking it up, just had to prove they were eligible to receive assistance.

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