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Seniors ask for alley fix up

September 21, 2006

Albany -- Albany senior citizens say an alley next to a downtown church they frequent is dangerous. Three people have tripped on uneven pavement, and been injured in the last four months, one seriously Tuesday night.

Now they are calling on city leaders to fix the alley, before more people are hurt.

Seniors say these pot holes, uneven asphalt, worn patches, and old cross walk markers have caused three of their friends to be hurt. Bill Teele said "It's a mess. It really needs some work done on it."

The alley is between Flint and Roosevelt Avenues. It separates the parking lot and the back entrance to the First United Methodist Church in Albany, where a number of civic and senior citizen events are held.

Tuesday night Ann Bragg, a program director with the SOWEGA Council on Aging, tripped and fell here, and suffered a serious head injury. First United Methodist Church Hostess Kaye Blalock said "She caught her foot on this patch, and it upset me, having to put Miss Ann in the ambulance."

Another senior citizen lunch was held Thursday afternoon, and Blalock was in the alley helping people across. Kaye Blalock said "I've been basically trying to help people over the alley, because basically I don't want to pick up anybody today."

Blalock said she has been talking for years with city leaders, trying to get the area re-surfaced. Blalock said "We been on the waiting list for I know of for ten years. Trying to get this paved. Every time we ask about it, we don't have the money."

But many of the senior citizens say they think it is important. Bill Teele said "People have been falling and everything else. Whenever it gets raining out here you have water all over the place."

 Evelyn Clifton said "It's is very hazardous." Do you worry about your friends? "Well, I do, I do."

 Kaye Blalock says she is tired of watching her friends being hurt, when re-surfacing the alley could save pain and suffering. Blalock said "So now I am just voicing my opinion about it, and let people know that this needs to be done. This absolutely needs to be done."

Albany Assistant City Manager Wes Smith said his office is looking into the incident, but no decision has been made about work on the alley.