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Repeat sex offender targets four Grady Co. boys under 12

September 21, 2006

Grady County-  It's a disturbing case out of Grady County.  Forty Seven year old Samuel Robert Cole is facing ten counts of molestation including aggravated sodomy, molestation, and interfering with custody. It's gone on for six months and this isn't his first time for an offense like this. He targeted a family in the 80's and was convicted for molestation.

Parents like Lynnette Harper say there's always a safety concern when it comes to her four kids well being.

"It's a concern that we want to protect our children, but we don't always want them to be fearful," said Lynnette Harper, a parent. Another Grady County mother became concerned after her 12, 11, 9, and 8 year old sons returned from a visit with a family friend. That discussion led to molestation charges against Samuel Robert Cole.

"She had been talking to the boys and they had finally came to her. She kind of started suspecting some things going on with this particular individual," Grady County Sheriff Harry Young.

Cole worked with the kids mother and befriended the family buying the kids gifts and allowing them to call him Uncle Sam, but this man was no friend. The boys were encourage to perform oral sex and Cole went as far as having sex with the 12 year old.

"To me you're killing the child, you're killing their life, or part of their life anyway and it needs to be dealt with very harshly," said Young.

Some acts happened at Cole's home on Ridge Road others when he took one of the boys to Florida. Parents and the Sheriff agree it's important to watch for changes in your kids behavior and if there's a problem initiate a discussion.

"I guess I watch for physical signs as far as if they feel uncomfortable around a particular person, because often children are very perceptive," said Harper.

Cole's action also emphasize the importance of Sex Offender laws. Cole committed similar acts in the late 80's with multiple victims but it was before offender laws existed so he never had to register. 

Cole served seven years in prison and 8 years of probation for the prior molestation. He's being held in the Grady County Jail on a $165,000 bond.



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