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WALB TV tower to be operational in 2007

September 21, 2006

Doerun--   Since our transmission tower collapsed in June, many loyal viewers wjo depended on over-the-air reception haven't been able to watch Channel 10. Though progress has taken some time, a replacement is in the works.

The firm of LeBlanc & Royle will build a new super tower, designed to hold four TV antennas:  digital antennas for WALB and WFXL, and analog antennas for both stations. The Dielectric Company will supply the antennas.

Raycom chief engineer Dave Folsom says,  "Instead of two 5-foot-face towers, as WALB and WFXL had, the super tower will be a single 10-foot-face tower with a T-bar on top, to support the analog antennas." The digital antennas will be on the sides of the tower,about 150 feet from the top.

We had hoped that the new tower and antennas could be fully functional by February, but it's looking more like April at this time. The TV signals should reach out just as far under the new arrangement as they did be fore the towers fell.

We hope you'll come watch our five and six o'clock newscasts live today in Doerun!

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