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Moultrie paper has been around over a century

September 21, 2006

Doerun -- WALB-TV isn't the only source of news for people in Doerun and Colquitt County. For 112 years, The Moultrie Observer has served this county.   

And while a lot has changed in the last century, one thing hasn't-- the paper's commitment to bringing Colquitt Countians their news. Six days a week, 25,000 Colquitt Countians open the Moultrie Observer to get the day's news and sports.      

Editor & Publisher Dwain Walden "Our focus is local news. We cover our community from the very what you might consider the very smallest piece of news to the very largest piece of news."   

Walden knows news. This editor and publisher has been in the biz since 1970 and he's experienced the evolution of the newspaper.  "Probably a decade ago, many small newspapers, not just The Moultrie Observer, but many small newspapers our size, sort of redefined community journalism and got a little closer to the people perhaps than we once were."   

Closer to the people who might otherwise turn to other media, like the Internet.  Giving them something they can't find anywhere else is one of the paper's goals. "We have the community calendars, we cover all of our public agencies, human interest events. People stories and really that's what it's all about is people."

Gone are the days of hot-type press and off-set printing. The Moultrie Observer is now printed in Thomasville at its sister paper, using computerized pagination. Twenty-five people work everyday inside the Observer's office in downtown Moultrie.            

"Your Friend and Neighbor since 1894" is a slogan they take seriously. "When people call us and say 'hey, we have an interesting story for you', we're certainly going to listen because we want to take advantage of that, and that's a good opportunity for us to relate to our people."        

And that, he says, is what the newspaper business is all about.

The Moultrie Observer is now part of South Georgia Media Group which includes seven other daily newspapers. And in keeping with the times, you can find them on the Internet at . 


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