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It's all about cotton in Doerun

September 21, 2006                        

Doerun, with a population of about 850 people, is predominantly an agriculture town.       And if you look around, especially this time of year, you'll see a lot of white stuff on the ground.    That's cotton.   

We are headed into peak cotton season. If you listen closely, you can probably hear the cotton gins in the background.      

Mobley Gin is the heartbeat of Doerun. "We actually gin cotton," says the Mobley Gin's  Randolph Gibbs. "We have one of the most modern gins in the south."

With the latest equipment, Mobley will gin about 55,000 acres of cotton this season. "At one time we were ginning about 30 bales an hour," Gibbs says.

Now their production's even higher. "Farmers call in and tell us about their modules. I have four trucks that go out and pick it up and bring it in, and I have one truck that feeds the gin."

Under the watchful eye of gin superintendent Lupe Alonzo, a state of the art cotton ginning process runs.  After the huge modules are loaded onto a conveyor belt, the cotton is put into a feeder, dried, cleaned and lint removed from the seed.

Then it's pressed, packaged and shipped to a warehouse where brokers will bid on it.         

And they aren't the only ones in town. Just up the highway, Doerun Gin Company is turning out bales of cotton.  A commodity that's a big part of Doerun's economy, and a big part of most of our lives.           

So Gibbs could be wearing some of his own cotton? "Of yeah, that's what I try to wear all the time. My cotton, yeah. Cotton shirts, yea, uh-huh.'"

 So the next time you reach in your closet for something cool and comfortable to wear, there's a chance it started out as a bale of cotton in Doerun, Georgia.  


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