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Help charity while you hear some good sounds

September 20, 2006

Albany-- This time tomorrow night, you could be rocking out to some good music while you help local charities. Darton College will host FoodStock. 

About ten bands will perform.  To gain admission you just need to donate canned or dry goods. They'll go to Saint Paul's Food Kitchen, St. Teresa's Food Kitchen, The Albany Rescue Mission and the Southwest Georgia Food Bank.

Although it now benefits the hungry, Foodstock started in the late 90's in an unusual way.   "It started as a protest actually against the cafeteria and we cooked food for the students and gathered some canned food and after that I gave up protesting and just did it for charities," says Darton Associate Professor Roger Marietta.

Foodstock begins at 1 Thursday afternoon and will last all the way up to midnight.  



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