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Bainbridge High School or Decatur Co. High?

September 19, 2006

Bainbridge-  Bainbridge City Council will weigh in Tuesday night on what the new Bainbridge High School should be called.  Decatur County Commissioners recently voted unanimously to suggest to the Board of Education that the new high school be called Decatur County High School.

The current Bainbridge High School was built in 1967, when all schools were integrated in 1971 it was still Bainbridge High School. One city councilwoman says that's how it should stay. 

"That history of Bainbridge High school goes way back it's deep seeded and to abolish it now, in my opinion, not that this is city council opinion, this is just my opinion, to abolish it now wipes out everybody's history, we don't accomplish anything," said Roslyn Palmer, Bainbridge City Council. 

The Board of Education will ultimately decide on a name, but it has yet to come before the board.



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