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Sex offender caught with young boy

Christopher Wynter (Source: FDLE) Christopher Wynter (Source: FDLE)

September 19, 2006

Bainbridge --  Some people apparently never learn. A three-time convicted sex offender has been caught again, this time police say, fondling a 15-year-old boy. Deputies went to the man's house to order him to register as a sex offender.

What they found, they say, shows the importance of Georgia's sex offender law.    

Lakeevra Butler lives across Japonica Street from Christopher Wynter, she never knew her neighbor was a convicted sex offender. "I have four daughters. That make me nervous for them, and I have three nieces and a nephew, they would be all here playing, out here in the yard I was flabbergasted I guess you could say."

In April, the Decatur County Sheriff's Office got a call from Orange County, Florida alerting them that Wynter was a registered offender and had moved. "By law they have to register with us, they have to register with the Sheriff of any county that they move to," said Sheriff Wiley Griffin.

Last week deputies caught up with Wynter again, he still hadn't registered. This time he was arrested. "We had a very thorough conversation with him that that's the law. He bonded out and again refused to register with us," said Griffin.

Given three days to comply, deputies approached Wynter at his home. Griffin, "He came to the door in his underwear and of course they went on in to arrest him for the offense and observed a makeshift bed with at that time an individual in his underwear."

That individual was a 15-year-old boy. Wynter was charged with child molestation again, and there may be more victims. Griffin said, "Probably there will be more charges, we are interviewing other victims so there will probably be more charges."

It's a perfect example why the sexual offender laws are so important. "We're going to be monitoring them heavily, we're going to make sure they follow the rules and if they don't we're going to take warrants on them, we're going to do whatever it takes to protect our children," said Griffin.

It's keeping Lakeevra's kids closer to home. "I keep a close eye on them anyway, but I enforced that with them after, because they like to ride their bikes up and down, and I was like, just stay right here in this parking lot for now," said Butler.

And the Sheriff's office keeping a watchful eye on the county's 50 sexual offenders. Wynter will also face charges in Orange County Florida for not initially registering in Decatur County when he first moved.

The Florida Department of Corrections says Wynter uses these aliases: Christopher A. Wynter, Christopher Wynter A., Christoper Albert Wynter, and Cyrus Wynter.

Here is his conviction record:

Adjudication Date Crime Description Court Case Number Jurisdiction & State Adjudication
06/27/1995 LEWD,LASCIVIOUS CHILD U/16; F.S. 800.04 (PRINCIPAL IN ATTEMPT) 9413570 ORANGE, FL Guilty/convict
06/27/1995 LEWD ASLT/SEX BAT VCTM<16; F.S. 800.04(3) (PRINCIPAL IN ATTEMPT) 9504660 ORANGE, FL Guilty/convict
06/27/1995 LEWD ASLT/SEX BAT VCTM<16; F.S. 800.04(3) (PRINCIPAL IN ATTEMPT) 9413570 ORANGE, FL Guilty/convict
06/27/1995 LEWD,LASCIVIOUS CHILD U/16; F.S. 800.04 (PRINCIPAL) 9504660 ORANGE, FL Guilty/convict





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