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APD sends a warning

September 19, 2006

Albany -- If you're out after dark in the city of Albany, don't stir up trouble.  Albany Police are on the lookout for suspicious activity,  and if you're involved, they're going to pick you up.   This aggressive tactic is getting criminals off the streets.    

You've heard about the burglaries, perhaps been the victim of an armed robbery, or seen drug activity in Albany. Police say they're targeting ne'er-do-wells before they commit a crime.

Police Chief James Younger says, "One of our strategies is to identify the people who are out at night, who appear to be suspicious."

A strategy that is starting to work. "Twenty-three of the people that we have identified, out of those 23, 17 turned out to be wanted suspects."

Some of them, with previous records of burglary and larcenies, perhaps some of them were looking to act again, but they won't have the chance to from behind bars.

And for those school aged kids who decide to skip class, watch out. "In addition to that, we continue to look for truants and curfew violators during the past week, we didn't find any, but that's part of our strategy also."

And the police force is growing to combat big problems like burglary. There are 11 new officers doing field training. Two recruits started the academy today, another 15 start next week.

All officers who had to undergo an extensive background check to be hired by APD. "We've added some additional elements to the background process, we're also extensively interviewing friends, neighbors, former employees. That type of thing."

To keep good officers, doing a good job on our streets, to make this a good life city indeed.  There are four additional officers are still waiting to retake the driving portion of testing at the academy.

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