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School meal deficit reduced

September 18, 2006

Albany-- The Dougherty County School System has paid down some of a nearly 4 million dollar school meal deficit but there's still work to do.

Monday night, the school finance director informed board members that the child nutrition deficit has been reduced by more than a million dollars. At the end of 2004, school leaders uncovered an error in the free lunch program that caused a 3-point-8 million dollar deficit.

Finance Director Robert Lloyd says a plan to the program out of that hole is working but the situation still isn't as good as it could be.

"We're still not as good as we could be at controlling food costs and what we're introducing is uniform recipes so that when you cook a meatloaf for instance, the same ingredients will be used in the same proportions," says Lloyd.

The deficit reduction plan included realigning the nutrition staff, standardizing menus and monthly monitoring the costs of plates.