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Spinach problem taints restaurant business

September 18, 2006

Albany - Two more states have been added to the list of those with tainted spinach, bringing the total to 21. E-coli, a dangerous bacteria, has killed at least one person and made dozens of other sick.

Lunchtime is one of the busiest times of day at Harvest Moon in Downtown Albany. What's on the menu? Well, lots, including 8 items that contain spinach.  Bo Henry says, "There was going to be a lot of menu items I was going to have to take off my menu or quit serving spinach with the items I have on my menu."

When Henry removed spinach from the selection, he also did away with one of his top sellers.  He says, "Our biggest selling salad is the Spinach salad and people eat it because it's healthy and now nobody can eat it."

If you do, instead of getting healthy, you could get really sick, one person even died, others have been hospitalized. It's difficult to understand how this health food, could become a death trap for it's consumers.  Henry says, "I don't understand how it could happen, but evidentially it did. Thank goodness they told us."

Henry says he does plan to add Spinach back to menu items, but only after the source of the E-coli is found and the food is cleared by the FDA. If you're interested in ordering spinach-free menu items from Harvest Moon, they're contributing to help a special group of people get healthy. From 5 until closing Tuesday, the restaurant will donate proceeds to the Light the night breast cancer walk.

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