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Winn Dixie recalls spinach

September 17, 2006

Albany - - Over 100 people from 19 states have been infected with an E-coli outbreak strain and federal officials announce more brands recalling their spinach products. Winn Dixie Grocery Stores are taking ALL loose and bagged spinach products off of the shelves.

Many people haven't even heard of the three syllable word that has everyone on edge.

"Have you ever even heard of E-coli before. No I haven't," says Eula Smith.

A recent e-coli outbreak killed a Wisconsin woman. The outbreak is tied to tainted spinach from California's Salinas Valley. Now, people nationwide are becoming more concerned about their health - especially spinach lovers.

"Do you eat spinach? Yes, I love spinach," says Cheryl Bryant.

Hate it or love it, Winn Dixie Grocery stores are now voluntarily recalling ALL fresh bulk and bagged spinach products and they recommend if you've purchased any from them in the past two weeks, don't eat it.

"It scares me and it makes me think a little bit," Bryant says.

The Food and Drug Administration is even warning people not to eat fresh spinach or products containing fresh spinach until further notice.

"Sometimes I wonder if I eat it, is it going to make me sick," Smith says.

Customers at Winn Dixie won't have to ask that question. Because if you're looking for the green stuff here, you won't find it.

"If it's going to make people sick, you really don't need to eat it. And other stores need to do the same thing. So you think other stores need to be doing what they're doing? Yes," says Brandi Stroble.

Time will tell if they will.

Natural Selection Foods, the world's largest organic producer, has been linked to the infected greens, prompting a recall of 34 brands.

C.D.C. officials have started an Atlanta-based emergency operations center to help state health agencies with E-coli testing.


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