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Former Cox manager supports Sonny

September 15, 2006

Donalsonville --  A former Democrat, turned Republican, who supported Cathy Cox's gubernatorial campaign, is now supporting Governor Sonny Perdue.

Former State Representative and Donalsonville businessman Dan Ponder, Junior, was Cathy Cox's campaign chairman, until she was defeated in the Primary by Lt. Governor Mark Taylor.

Ponder is surprised his endorsement of Governor Perdue gained statewide attention. A friend of Perdue's, Ponder said he respects the Governor for not making much of his support for Cathy Cox. Ponder says partisan politics aside, he feels Perdue is the best candidate.  

"You know, politics is politics, I understand that," Ponder said. "But I just happen to believe that Sonny has kept his word, and he has worked hard in the position and he is, he has earned the opportunity to have a second term."

Ponder credited Mark Taylor for his support of south Georgia, but said Taylor's partisan politics and negative campaign were turnoffs.

Taylor and political experts don't expect Ponder's endorsement to affect the campaign significantly.



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