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Wally-World doesn't want to store your stuff

September 15, 2006

Albany -- Christmas is a little more than three months away. Some of you may have already started your Christmas shopping, others may be waiting to shop with layaway, but mega-retailer Wal-mart is phasing out its layaway program, and here's the kicker-- it'll be gone before Christmas.    

"Clothes and Christmas toys. That's mainly what we used to use." Taquaya Lewis says Layaway used to be a big help around Christmastime. Big purchases? "Yeah. Huge. Like, Nintendo, games, big things like that."

And she says Wal-mart taking it away is a bad idea. "I think it's messed up, because everyone's not able to afford things and get it just like and I think that's a big loss."

Not just to the customers, but it also could be a problem for the company, when layaway customers put up their purchases at other stores that still have the program, like K-Mart.

Amanda Acevedo says, "I think they might, because if they still have their layaway program, a lot of people are going to come here, and be like, okay, I can pay a little here, a little there and still get it before Christmas."

And Christmas isn't the only time layaway is used, although it may be the most often. There's back to school shopping, birthdays, and other big purchases.

Acevedo says, "I think it's a bad idea, because it's a big family place. A lot of people like to go in there and if they can't afford everything they like doing layaway."

Wal-Mart customers have until November 19th to place items in layaway for this Christmas season, but merchandise must be picked up and of course, paid for by December 8th.

One reason for the end of the layaway program? Walmart now offers its own Credit card.  

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