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APD's Burglary Task Force pays dividends

September 15, 2006
by Jim Wallace

Albany -- Albany Police now acknowledge they have deployed a Robbery and Burglary Special Task Force to fight the rash of crimes in Northwest Albany. And they have some success to report.  

The Task Force arrested three men early Wednesday after they broke into the Buck Giles Country Stoe on North Jefferson.

Thirty-year-old Cedric Shiloh, 22-year-old Reginald Daniel, and 25-year-old Tarell Mathis are all charged with burglary, and Investigators are checking fingerprints, suspecting they may have been involved in other break-ins.

Workers replace the front glass the burglars smashed to get into the store. They stole pizza, chips, cigarettes, and other food.

Police say the Task Force Officers spotted them running from the store, and arrested them still holding the stolen goods.

Police don't want to reveal too much information about their task force's operations, but want people to know they have extra officers on the streets trying to stop the wave of burglaries and robberies.

"When you put together a specialized task force, it's just like it's stated. It's specialized. They are specifically attuned to burgarly and robberies," said Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police Department.


Investigators say the Task Force has been operating since February, but now is stepping up it's patrols to answer the wave of burglaries and robberies in recent weeks.

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