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Blood and platelet donors needed

September 14, 2006

Albany-- The American Red Cross is calling on Georgians with type O negative or positive blood and those eligible to give platelets to donate right away.

Currently there is less than a twelve hours of type O blood available for one-hundred and thirty hospitals supplied by the Red Cross and only thirty-four units of platelets in the state. Officials say since Labor Day the state has seen a severe shortage of these blood components, and they need your help.

"We definetly need all O's, if your O positive or O negative we need you to come in as soon as possible and donate to either a local donor center or even one of the mobile drives that are in the community near you"said Robbin Miller with the American Red Cross.

Blood donors must be seventeen years of age or older and weigh at least one-hundred ten pounds. People can safely donate blood every fifty-six days and platelets can be donated about every two weeks, up to twenty-four times per year.

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