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ABAC makes house calls

September 13, 2006

Tifton-- This year's new students at ABAC may still be meeting friends and getting into the groove of college life.  A special knock on the door Wednesday night helped make that adjustment easier.  

It all begins with a briefing.   Then, uniformed and ready, ABAC students, faculty and administrators get their assignments and head out on a special mission. It's called House Calls.

"It really connects the ABAC students with the faculty, the staff, the administration and other ABAC students," says Director of Public Relations Mike Chason.

Every single dorm room on campus is visited with a knock, a smile and an open ear. Although some are caught a little off guard, all students get to voice their concerns about the school and how they're adjusting. Ashley Wilson loves the concept.

"It's really good because I know that they're concerned about the residents that stay here," says Wilson.

It's her first year at ABAC and being three hours away from home, a house call is a welcome call. "It makes you feel at home," says Wilson.

The unique program has made a big difference over the past three years. "Several different changes have been made," says Chason, "this is the real deal and it's designed to help students."

For the students who weren't home tonight, a note lets them know that the house callers were there and they weren't left out.  But there's always next year to see them face to face.

"More doors to knock on next year when we do house calls," says Chason. For now, the mission is accomplished after hundreds of knocks left students feeling a little more at home.  

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