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Lee county growth squeezes schools

September 13, 2006

Leesburg - Lee County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. As more people move into the county, buy homes, and open businesses, they also bring along their children. That's putting the school system in a squeeze, so it's adding on to accomodate the new student population.

Schools in Lee County have a reputation, a good one. "That's the reason I moved to Lee County." For the schools? "Yeah," says Chris King.  He has two children in the school system. He says he's been shocked by the growth of the county.  He says, "Every year it's more and more kids and they say it's three or four people moving into Lee County everyday."

That growth, with the state's new class size restrictions, led to the need for more classroom space. "It's a lot larger, a lot more children in the class I think," says one grandmother, "but I think as far as the overall education, I think they're doing an extremely good job." And to continue doing a good job, the schools are expanding.

10 classrooms will be added to Lee County Primary. A 12 classroom expansion project is already underway at Kinchafoonee Primary.  She says, "They're growing rapidly."

And King thinks they'll be adding more schools, not just classrooms in the near future. "I think they will, I don't think it will be a bad idea at all." The 10 classroom expansion at Lee County Primary will cost about $1.8 million.

The growth in Lee County also created a need for more postal service. More people means more parcels passing through the county. That's why a new post office opened earlier this week. Residents say it's a big help, and a much bigger building. Isreal Willis says, "That downtown there had gotten so small that it wouldn't accomodate the people, so they had no other option than to build something larger." What do you think about it? "Oh, it's great. It's great." Leodis Butts adds, "I think that's the reason they built the post office bigger because so many people were moving in."

The new post office, located on Robert B. Lee drive, opened Monday.

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