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Hispanic economic impact on the rise

September 13, 2006

Americus - - A University of Georgia study shows Hispanics will soon have the greatest economic impact of all minority groups in the country.

Workers at La Hacienda Restaurant in Americus contribute to that spending. Every day, their restuarant is booming with people of various races. Hispanics make up the nation's largest and fastest growing ethnic minority.  

"We sell authentic Mexican food. Most of the family got here in the 1970's and we started working in Mexican restaruants as a dishwasher. The owner is my brother, he found this place, he worked with it. He got successful," says Gerardo Reyes employee at La hacienda.

Hispanics will make up about 8.5 % of the nation's total consumer market next year.

The study suggests Hispanics will have a buying power of 863 billion dollars next year, compared to African-American's predicted buying power of 847 billion dollars.

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